Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard on Prince’s ‘responsibilities’ after being awarded with a Labrador (Kenya) from Michael for Christmas~From ‘Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days’

Bill: When Prince first got the dog, he didn’t know how to take care of it, how to housebreak it and pick up after it and all that. So in those first few weeks, the dog got in the habit of using the garage to go to the bathroom—the garage we were working out of. 

Javon: It stank. Place smelled like shit. We had to smell it while we were on the job. We were in brand new suits and everything, and we smelled like shit. We had the trailer, but the garage was our post too; that was our working environment. That was where we washed and maintained the vehicles. We didn’t want to be backing into the garage and driving in shit. 

Bill: We thought eventually Prince would clean the shit up. Nope. He’d come out to that garage, step right over a pile of shit, go to his dog, grab a treat, give him a treat, turn around, hop over the same pile of shit, and run back in the house. Just leave the shit there. 

Javon: We stepped in it a few times. Bill would instruct us to clean it up. He’d say, “Whoever’s coming on shift, you gotta clean it up.” So we were the ones cleaning it up. I’d complain all the time. I’d say “We didn’t sign up for this shit.” 

Bill: There were points where it came to a standoff. “I ain’t cleanin’ the shit.” “Well, I ain’t cleanin’ the shit.” “You, clean the shit.” “No, you clean the shit.” 

Javon: So sometimes the shit would just stay there. But when Mr. Jackson stepped in that shit? That’s when shit the got serious.” 

Bill:  We were taking him to a meeting. Important meeting. He was all dressed up, nice suit, got his designer shoes on, and he came walking across the garage toward the vehicle and he just stepped right in it. 

Javon: He chewed Prince out, big time. Hit him with the responsibility speech. ”You wanted the dog, Prince. It’s your dog. It’s your responsibility. It’s not the guys’ responsibility.” After that, Prince walked a tight line. Anywhere the dog went, in the garage or out on the property, Prince would come behind with a broom and dustpan and clean up after it. Wasn’t a problem anymore.

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