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Anonymous asked: "Marlon said before MJ died that he saw Joe punching MJ in his stomach when they were kids. So it's not like all the bros have said 'oh it wasn't that bad.'"

In case you didn’t get the memo, I mentioned in my last message that I was done with the conversation. And never did I say that all the brothers said that. I said “the brothers.” You just assumed that I was talking about all of them.


I hate you Jody!! LOL…

Bruno Mars hits 4 Million followers on Twitter.

Anonymous asked: "But the brothers are never completely honest when talking about how Joe beat them. They say different things at different times. Easy to talk now when MJ can't contradict what they said. And of course they are not going to publicly agree with MJ completely on the beating because they want to keep up this media image of a loving close family who aren't dysfunctional at all."

The thing is they said that years before MJ even died though like in the 90s. But keeping up with image has nothing to do with it because everybody already knew that they were dysfunctional regardless of how hard they tried to make it seem that way. Idk what point you’re trying to make because I’ve basically said what I had to say so I’m done with this conversation. 

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Don’t hurt em Mrs Smith.



Anonymous asked: ">"Joe loves his kids" >Joe beats them so bad that michael throws up when he sees him and is genuinely terrified of his father. Makes perfect sense."


Joe may have have disciplined MJ in ways that were questionable, but he did love his son. He loved all his children. He just didn’t have a proper way of showing it. A lot of father’s from those times had a hard time showing proper affection. But MJ credited his father for a lot of things and Joe really did give a shit about MJ’s well being. Y’all need to get over it lmao. Plus if he truly didn’t give a shit about his kids, he wouldn’t have been in their lives at all

Even the brothers commented before saying that it wasn’t as bad as Michael made it seem. AND people tend to forget that Joe was raised in the 1930s when that way of disciplining children in the Black culture in particular was the norm. Of course, he sometimes went over his limit but look how they all turned out as far as not being on the streets and getting into trouble.